Design Collaborations

Inspired design is born out of collaboration. In addition to Selamat's in-house brand, we have partnered with design icons Justina Blakeney  and the late Florence Broadhurst to bring you two capsule collections featuring their own distinct, celebrated styles. At Selamat we're proud of the company we keep, and the remarkable products our collaborations produce.

JUSTINA BLAKENEY X SELAMAT Justina Blakeney is the multidisciplinary designer behind the New York Times best-selling books, The New Bohemians and The New Bohemians Handbook, and the award-winning design blog, Jungalow.com. Her wild bohemian style celebrates color, pattern and plants, and inspires her two million online followers to let their creativity run free. Blakeney has partnered with Selamat to bring you a line of boho-chic furniture and accessories sure to add positive vibes to your home.

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FLORENCE BROADHURST X SELAMAT Selamat has created an editorial capsule collection of furniture, lighting and accessories inspired by Florence Broadhurst, the famed 20th century Australian wallpaper and textile designer, fearless globetrotter and iconic style maven. In a time that embraced color block and minimalist design, Broadhurst launched a daring venture-- a luxury, hand-printed wallpaper business filled with striking geometric prints, bright chinoiserie themes, and oversized nature-inspired motifs. Her bold designs defined a new look that was outrageous and unexpected, and her archive of over 500 prints remain as vibrant and desirable today as they were in the late 1060's and '70s.

Florence Broadhurst's legacy wholly embodies Fearless Design-- an avant-garde expression of creativity that is always innovative and unexpected, and never relies on the status quo. A selection of Broadhurst's most iconic designs are reimagined and interpreted by Selamat as carved furniture, hardware, lighting and sculpture, rekindling the timeless influence of her patterns in the world of home decor.

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